Consult our menu. In our menu it will be able to find a great variety of plates for all the tastes. Classic specialities of the Segovian gastronomy like cochinillo and lamb roasted in oven of fuelwood. We have also exquisite plates of season and varied offer in fish.

Our starts

• Pork Liver Pate
• "Iberico" cured Ham
• "Iberico" cured Pork Loin
• Red Peppers stuffed with Tuna
• Baked Red Peppers with Tuna Fish
• Wild Mushrooms with Ham
• Special Spicy Pork Sausage cooked in oil
• Octopus Galicia style
• Grilled Sea Prawns

Suggestions to follow

• Castillian soup
• "La Granja" Beans and Pork casserole
• Cream of Prawn soup
• Melon & Pineapple with smoked salmon
  and Gulas
• Chicken Consomme
• Seasonal vegetable stew
• Vol au Vent of Egg with Asparagus or Prawns
• "Gazpacho" Cold tomatoes soup 
• White "Navarra" Asparagus with twos
• Mixed salad

Some fish

• Segovian style Trout
• Hake fried in batter
• Basque style Hake
• Monk fish prepared in American style
• Grilled Salmon with sauce tartare
• Conger Eel with Clams in a green sauce
• Brochette of Salmon and Langoustines
• Langoustines with two sauces

Roast meat

• Roast Veal with gravy
• Suckling Pig roasted in a wood fired oven
• Lamb roasted in a wood fired oven
• Quarter roast Lamb
• Roast Chicken

Selection of meat dishes

• Entrecot de Buey con Guarnición
• Solomillo de Choto con Guarnición
• Chuletón de Ternera Lechal
• Chuletillas de Cordero Lechal
• Bistec de Ternera Lechal
• Muslo de pato confitado al oporto

Our desserts

• Seasonal Fruit
• Mixed Ice Creams in a tulip wafer
• Home made Cheesecake with a fruit sauce
• Whiskey Ice Cream Tart (Flambee)
• Baked Apple with Cointreau
• Fruit Ice Cream (coconut, orange, lemon...)
• Champagne and lemon Sorbet dessert
• Ponche Segoviano (typical Segovian Cake)
• Chocolate mousse
• Home made egg flan
• Floron (Segovian pastry) with cream custard

The wine cellar of El Bernardino is famous for its variety and quality. We have the best wines for an excellent traditional Spanish cooking. Wines for all tastes and economies. The best years and harvests. A gourmet pleasure. Ask for the advice of our sumillers.

Red wines
Rioja - Grandes Reservas

• Bordon
• Faustino I
• Rioja Alta904

Rioja - Reservas

• Viña Tondonia
• Marqués de Riscal
• Faustino V
• Viña Ardanza
• Marqués de Cáceres
• Rioja Bordón
• Marqués de Vargas 

Rioja - Magnum (1,5 l)

• Marqués de Riscal (Reserva)
• Viña Sastre (Cianza Ribera)
• Rioja Bordón (Crianza 97)
• Marqués de Cáceres (Crianza)

Rioja - Crianzas

• Viña Alcorta
• Cune
• Ramón Bilbao
• Marqués de Cáceres
• Bordon
• Marqués de la Concordia

La Mancha y Valdepeñas

• Señorío de los Llanos G. R.
• Viña Albali (Gran Reserva)
• Vegaval Plata (Reserva 93)

Denominación Toro

• Muruve (Crianza)
• Gran Colegiata (Fariña Cri.)
• Dominio Valdelacasa

Ribera del Duero - Gran Reserva

• Vega Sicilia (Único 1990)
• Valbuena (Vega Sicilia)
• Protos (1991)

Ribera del Duero - Reservas

• Protos
• Pesquera
• Tarsus (Vino de Autor)

Ribera del Duero - Crianzas

• Pesquera
• Conde de Siruela
• Señorío de Nava
• Viña Sastre
• Pérez Veros
• Baden Numen
• Tomás Postigo
• Arzuaga
• Krel

Ribera del Duero - Jóvenes

• Balbás
• Fuentespina
• Protos
• Prado Rey
• Pérez Veros
• Conde de Siruela

Denominación Somontano

• Montesierra
• Enate
• Morbore

Vinos de Castilla y León

• Yllera
• Vagal Roble (Valtiendas)
• Tinto Pedreja (Roble)
• Tinto Pedreja (Crianza)
• Ribera de Polendos

White wines

• Doña Beatriz Barrica
• Pinord (Aguja)
• Diamante (Semiseco)
• Blanco de Nieva
• Berberana

Pink wines

• Viña Tondonia (Crianza)
• Marqués de Cáceres
• Pinord (Aguja)
• Las Campanas
• Peñascal
• Conde Ansúrez (Cigales
• Franco-Españolas

Cavas and sparkling wines

• Jaume Llopart Alemany
• Juvé y Camps (RVA Familia)
• Codorniu Non Plus Ultra
• Codorniu Extra
• Rondel
• Benjamín Codorniu
• Sidra El Gaitero

Olorosos and sherry wines

• Fino La Ina
• Málaga Virgen
• Moscatel Oro
• Oporto Bandeira
• Pedro Ximenez
• Pedro Ximenez (RVA)
• Vinos de Misa

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