Our Eshop : Suckling Pig online

: elbernardino.com | 17 Apr 2018


With the aim to have Segovia´s suckling pig all around the country, WE ARE CREATING our Shop online. Thanks to the experience we have as a rotisserie restaurant since 1939, we have designed a product easy to prepare at home, maintaining all the organoleptic properties as if it was roasted at the moment. Now you can have our suckling pig from our own oven in only 24-48 hours, free of delivery charges. Once you have it home, in only 30 minutes you will eat it as if you were in our restaurant.

WE ARE CREATING our Shop online


Our suckling pig online is roasted the same way we have been doing it over 80 years, but the process is interrupted to induce a rapid cooling that will help maintain the properties until it is delivered.






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