: | 17 Apr 2018


Segovia, designated by the Unesco as a world cultural heritage in 1985, is the urban area with more romanic constructions in Europe . Romanic churchs, monasteries, chapels, walls, archs and narrow streets shape this castellan Street. It is famous for its Alcazar, Roman Acueduct and Cathedral, called “The lady of the cathedrals”.

Inside the old town, our restaurant is located in the main street of Segovia, La calle Real, which is between the Acueduct and the Cathedral.

We have large dining rooms for all kind of events and celebrations and a terrance with spectacular views of the Guadarrama´s mountain range and “Mujer Muerta”.

We have a big workforce with more than 25 permanent employees with a lot of experience in international and segovian´s catering, where the gender equalty and the equal pay is a priority, base of the modern companies of the twenty first century.







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