Suckling Pig : The roast of “Restaurante El Bernardino”

: | 2 Jan 2018

In the restaurant El Bernardino, we remain true to the tradition of the suckling pig in Segovia, adding a special touch due to our experience as a grill restaurant since 1939.


Raw material

“Bernardino”´s suckling pig weights between 4,5 – 5 Kg. Its age is 21 days maximum and it is raised in exclusive devoted farms in the province of Segovia. It is fed only by breast milk.


Preparation of the suckling pig.

The suckling pig comes drained, bare and eviscerated from the slaughterhouse. We wash it with cold water. Afterwards, it is opened by the backbone with a knife without disrupting the skin and then it is placed in a clay pot, over a table.

We insert water, we season it in the inside and then it is ready to be placed inside the oven. The water is never supposed to touch the skin of the suckling pig.


The roast of “Restaurante El Bernardino”

We place the suckling pig in a wood oven with an initial temperature of 180ºC after it is properly prepared. During the whole roast time, which is approximately 3 hours depending on the weight, the temperature must get higher progressively without riching 200ºC (we adjust the amount of wood introduced in the oven). Something to have in mind is the humidity of the oven, which will depend on the quantity of water in each clay pot.

After 2 hours, the pig must be turnt upside down, water must be added if neccesary and it must be punctured on the sking around the blade, legs, lateral sides and in the back. It has to be done carefully so there is an even skin.

The suckling pig is finished in 40 minutes-1h, when the skin will be golden and crunchy.

The juice is degreased, the salt is rectified and then it is placed over the fire until it is boiling.



According to the tradition of Segovia, the suckling pig is cut with the side of a plate to show how tender and crunchy it is.






Suckling Pig Roast Restaurant El Bernardino Segovia