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The restaurant “El Bernardino” was founded by D. Mariano del Pozo Manso in 1939, becoming one of the oldest restaurants of the city. D. Mariano was from Bernardos (Segovia) and he was more commonly known as “El Bernardino”, which is why he gave the name to the restaurant.

Due to the lack of resources back then, local products were cooked daily, including the suckling pig. Soon enough, the restaurant got famous between the locals and merchants of the province, thanks to its homemade familiar food and the exceptional location in the Calle Real, main street in Segovia.


Roast  Restaurant Segovia 


In the restaurant El Bernardino, we remain true to the tradition of the suckling pig in Segovia, adding a special touch due to our experience as a grill restaurant since 1939

“Bernardino”´s suckling pig weights between 4,5 – 5 Kg. Its age is 21 days maximum and it is raised in exclusive devoted farms in the province of Segovia. It is fed only by breast milk.

According to the tradition of Segovia, the suckling pig is cut with the side of a plate to show how tender and crunchy it is.