A Family History Since 1939

By: elbernardino.com | 17 Apr 2018

  The restaurant “El Bernardino” was founded by D. Mariano del Pozo Manso in 1939, becoming one of the oldest restaurants of the city. D. Mariano was from Bernardos (Segovia) and he was more commonly known as “El Bernardino”, which is why he gave the name to the restaurant. Due to the lack of resources…

Our Eshop : Suckling Pig online

By: elbernardino.com | 17 Apr 2018

  With the aim to have Segovia´s suckling pig all around the country, WE ARE CREATING our Shop online. Thanks to the experience we have as a rotisserie restaurant since 1939, we have designed a product easy to prepare at home, maintaining all the organoleptic properties as if it was roasted at the moment. Now…


By: elbernardino.com | 17 Apr 2018

  Segovia, designated by the Unesco as a world cultural heritage in 1985, is the urban area with more romanic constructions in Europe . Romanic churchs, monasteries, chapels, walls, archs and narrow streets shape this castellan Street. It is famous for its Alcazar, Roman Acueduct and Cathedral, called “The lady of the cathedrals”. Inside the…

Our Kitchen

By: elbernardino.com | 16 Apr 2018

  In our kitchen, we bring together the traditional cuisine of Segovia with a modern cuisine, adapted to the new tendencies. We are in constant change seeking the excellence so we give the best gastronomic experience to our clients.     Others : Tapas & Catering       In our kitchen, we bring together the…

Travel Agencies, Enterprises and Groups

By: elbernardino.com | 14 Apr 2018

  We have large lounges with a capacity of 250 people and more than 25 workers to welcome all kind of groups. We have designed menus adapted to different necessities. If still you have any enquiries, do not hesitate to contact us and we can design a personalized menu for you.        …


By: elbernardino.com | 9 Apr 2018

   Due to our experience and multidisciplinary workforce we have, we hold all kind of events in our restaurant and other properties or historical spaces around Segovia, such as Torreon de Lozoya.               Events Restaurant Bernardino Segovia